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Our Services

Chimney Rebuild

When a chimney has severely deteriorated or is collapsing, a rebuild is the safest option. It involves tearing down the damaged chimney and rebuilding it with new bricks and mortar. We can match the color and style of your original chimney or make necessary changes to increase the lifespan of your chimney and make it aesthetically pleasing to you.


Tuckpointing is the process in which damaged mortar is removed and replaced with fresh mortar. At some point, all chimneys will need masonry repair. Tuckpointing is a more cost effective way of repairing your chimney and helping to prevent water from leaking in and eroding. When completed, your chimney will look new which often increases the value of your home.

Crown Repair & Replacement

A chimney crown is the cement top of your chimney. It is sloped to direct water away from the flue and seals the flue liner to the chimney edge. Crowns can erode and crack overtime due to weather elements. Cracks can be repaired or a new crown can be poured to maintain proper function and decrease additional damage to the inside flue.

Firebox Repair & Rebuild

A firebox is the interior part of your chimney where you burn wood or gas. Over time, the heating and cooling process of using your chimney can damage the mortar and cause it to crack and erode. A special mortar can be applied to repair the damage and restore your original firebox. Sometimes damage is too extensive and your firebox needs to be rebuilt.

Custom Fire Pit

Want an outdoor fire pit made of brick or stone? We can build one to your specifications.

Stone Veneer

Retaining Walls

Block Work